Optimizing Field Force Operations

Optimizing Field Force Operations – A Solution for Today, a Strategy for Tomorrow


Field service operations is the backbone of all facilities-based communications service providers (CSPs). The effort to streamline this function has been constant since the first networks, more than a century ago. Over time, service providers found efficiencies through wireless communications. First, through the early two-way radio dispatch systems in the late 1940s; then, the first data dispatch computers of the 1970s. Mobile data handsets in the 1990s were followed by today’s high-speed, high-definition tablets. Through the software in them, and processes behind them, both have improved how quickly technicians respond, and how well-prepared they are when they arrive on the job site. CSPs must keep with tradition and endeavor to take field service operations to the next level, for three important reasons.


Source www.stratecast.com