Tie Rack takes its stocktaking system mobile

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Tie Rack has introduced mobile computers to its stores to assist with stocktaking.

Datalogic Mobile has worked with partners Sanderson and Portech Systems to develop a system for the retailer in just a few weeks that has been deployed on 150 mobile computers around Tie Rack’s global business.

The system was first used for a stocktake across 24 countries towards the end of last year, despite many language, currency and stock differences. Since then the system has been refined and Tie Rack has increased its number of Datalogic Memor hand-held computers.

The retailer will undertake a second stocktake in February.

Tie Rack head of merchandising John Brien said the company purposely chose a sustainable stocktake system. He said: “My team spent considerable time working with Sanderson and Portech to mobilise the counts.

The teamwork paid off with all the data back safely. We now have the opportunity to correct any minor flaws working with the personalised software team at Portech”.

Portech Systems seamlessly integrated the datalogic memor devices with the current POS tills at Tie Rack Stores. This enabled the stock counts to be transmitted to Tie Rack back end systems immediately once the stock count had been completed as before, stock take data was returned to head office via the post on storage cards which in it self were fraught with logistical issues.

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