NEWS : HTC P6500


When youre looking for the right mobile partner for your business, look no further than the HTC P6500.

Bringing together high-end processing, impressive on-board memory and Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional software, this PDA creates an extensible open platform to mould into the perfect enterprise solution.

From logistics to warehousing and transportation, this fullfeatured PDA fits perfectly into any industry. With the open Windows architecture it is simple to develop custom industryspecific applications that extend the use of the device far beyond making calls and sending emails.

The large 3.5″ anti-glare screen enables images, media and data to be viewed with complete clarity. Combined with the auto-focus 3 mega-pixel camera which captures clear, sharp images, the HTC P6500 is perfect for 2D barcode and business card reader applications. Critical data is kept secure down to storage card level with enhanced security features such as fingerprint ID sensors.

High-level connectivity features keep the workforce connected while on the road. Whilst GPS positioning and navigation helps you keep track of everything valuable from cargo to employees.

Taking enhanced mobile applications to your workforce.

The HTC P6500 at a glance

  • Windows Mobile® 6.0 Professional – a flexible and extensible platform Offers high speed Internet connectivity up to nine times faster than 3G.
  • 3 mega-pixel auto-focus camera captures images while effectively enabling 2D barcode and business card reader applications.
  • Fingerprint ID sensor secures device and critical data.
  • Remote wipe facility enables the remote clearing of all data from device and storage cards if lost or stolen.
  • Dual SDIO interface provides two SDIO ports for memory card storage or accessory connection.

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