Top 3 Considerations For Tablet Selection

By Sarah Nicastropublisher/editor in chief, Field Technologies

We recently interviewed Stacy Morin, manager of information systems at Great State Beverages for an upcoming case study in Field Technologies magazine. While talking with Morin, we asked her thoughts on the following question and thought you may find her response interesting:

Field Technologies: What were your top three considerations when selecting the tablet for your mobile solution? Why were these characteristics the most important criteria?

First, the devices have to be rugged; they have to be able to take a beating. They get tossed around, they are in and out of the trucks, and they get tossed into the passenger seat. They have to be able to withstand drops and temperature changes. So ruggedization was huge.

Second, battery life is another big factor, because you can’t always count on the guy having his car charger, or making sure you have an extra battery. That has been an outstanding feature of the rugged tablets; we haven’t had to replace any batteries.

Third, it had to be Windows based, because it needed to be compatible with our mobile software.

They also have a bigger screen than most of the other hand-held devices. If a salesman is going into an account, they can pull up a sell sheet, and it looks good. You aren’t trying to view it on a four-inch screen.