NEWS : HTC Introduce 5-inch VGA Mobile Computer


Harness the power of the HTC Advantage, the ultimate mobile office. This cutting edge mobile device is a first for business functionality with high-speed global connectivity and PC-style power yet it will easily fit in your pocket. Smaller and lighter than a laptop, but packed with many business and multimedia features you find on your laptop, it is the essential tool for the upwardly mobile business professional.

You can download and work on Microsoft Office documents and be instantly notified of emails with Microsoft  Windows Mobile  5.0 using Direct Push technology. This coupled with the full keyboard makes typing messages and keeping up with contacts effortless.

The HTC Advantage is not just a productive worker, but a great entertainer too. With up to 8 hours battery life and a huge 5-inch VGA colour touch screen, use it all day to watch videos, browse the web, or navigate anywhere with inbuilt GPS and TomTom NAVIGATOR 6.

A huge 8GB hard drive and handy miniSDTM are great for storage. The on-board 3.0 megapixel camera and second VGA camera allow you to make video calls, add 3G, Wi-Fi  and stereo Bluetooth  2.0 and a world of communication opens up! As you can see the days of the laptop are numbered.  Smart work, smarter life, the smartest choice. The HTC Advantage.

Manage your documents and emails with Microsoft  Windows Mobile  5.0 Pocket PC phone edition including Direct Push technology.
Connect anywhere with 3G/HSDPA and Wi-Fi ; and stereo Bluetooth  2.0 which is excellent for wireless audio.
Take advantage of a laptop-style experience with the huge 5 inch touch screen display and full detachable keyboard.
Go anywhere with inbuilt GPS plus TomTom NAVIGATOR 6.