More powerful than any mobile communications device you’ve used before, the HTC TyTN II takes global connectivity to the next level. Staying connected means staying ahead. The TyTN II supports the full spectrum of network standards, guaranteeing that you will stay in touch ANYWHERE in the world. With an internet connection via 3.5G HSDPA that is nine times faster than 3G, using the TyTN II to download files and surf the Web is a breeze.
Video Review
I have to say the first week of using the HTC TyTN II has been pretty interesting. The unit is probably one of the most powerful Windows Mobile phones I have used to date other than the HTC Advantage. I am very happy with the lack of soft resets, something that has plagued me with the WM6 Treo 750 I was using. The TyTN II does have some quirky things that really tick me off. The unit will not accept the little brother HTC TyTN battery! Yes, It is a completely different size! Now don’t get me wrong but COMON HTC lets get logical. The battery is a Samsung KAS160 battery which is a measly 1350mAh battery. Totally unacceptable for a POWERHOUSE phone. So what did I do? I immediately grabbed my USB car charger that has worked on EVERY HTC device I owned.. Guess what? Nope it wouldn’t work! So now I have to patiently wait for an extended battery solution. I am hoping our store will carry them also.

Now to the things I like! Boy where do I start. The TyTN II works like a charm with Skype and Slingbox! Two applications that are very processor intensive and it ran like a charm! I called Steve on the TyTN II over 3G and he clearly heard me with no feedback and a very slight delay. It almost makes you wish Skype for Windows Mobile supported video calling because this phone definitely would work with it. During my use with the Slingbox, I noticed really no problems whatsoever. The Sling always went to full screen giving me the best horizontal view possible. Now since the device slides open and at a 40 degree angle it is a pleasure to watch while eating my lunch.

One other factor that drew me into purchasing the TyTN II was the GPS radio. I have been using the free map w/TomTom and I was using Google Maps but once you get a taste of TomTom you really want the full experience. So yesterday I placed an order at the Mobility Today store for Tom Tom 6 Navigator for PocketPC! I have read many forums where people were not sure if the TomTom 6 Navigator for PocketPC would work and for confirmation it did! When I got the DVD today I immediately installed the application and was prompted with an error, “Not enough space on HTC TyTN II”.. Now, I should have known since I only had a 1GB card so I once again placed an order for a Sandisk 4GB MicroSD card. Now this is the mother of all memory cards to buy for any Windows Mobile phone! I used the included reader to move all my previous content from my 1GB card to the 4GB card which it only took 4.5 minutes to move 850MB’s of data!!! Unbelievable!

Once I got the maps installed I timed exactly how long it took the TyTN II to lock the satellites. The average time took me only 6.5 seconds!!! This is even better than my TomTom 910 unit! The guidance is dead on and exact! Now I have only used the TomTom for 1 day but I do have some long trips coming up so I definitely will put it through some paces…