Windows Phone 7 Review : HTC launch of 5 new smartphones

HTC Corporation, a global designer of smartphones and longtime partner of Microsoft, today introduced five new Windows smartphonesPhone 7: 7 Surround HTC, HTC 7 Mozart, 7 Trophy HTC, HTC 7 Pro and HTC HD7. This strong and diversified family of phones presents a new platform from Microsoft Windows 7 Phone and incorporates outstanding design and innovation for which HTC has been known. Each new unit includes a variety of advanced technologies and a range of unique applications that HTC can be accessed through the new HTC Hub that complements the Windows 7 Phone Hub Tile and experience.

windows phone 7 - HTCWindows phone 7 – HTC Image : Engadget.

“Windows 7 Phone is an entirely new mobile experience, on which the HTC is excited about growth. We see incredible opportunities for clients with theintegration of Microsoft’s most popular services like Xbox LIVE and Zune,” said Peter Chou, CEO HTC Corporation. “The value that Microsoft is bringing mobile customers across the world sets a new benchmark for the industry. HTC will be introducing five new smartphones HTC Phone Windows 7 launch in order to assist our customers with a wide variety of choice. “

“HTC has been a Microsoft partner since we launched our first phone almost a decade ago and could not be more excited to continue this journey with the release of Windows 7 Phone,” said Andy Lees, Chairman of the Mobile Communications Business Microsoft. “Windows 7 Phone features a new direction for Microsoft and its partners, and HTC is stepping up production in order to support this view significantly, bringing five new phones to the Windows market.”

Windows 7 Phone

Windows 7 Phone has been carefully crafted to help people get more done in fewer steps with a single hub interface and Tile. The Windows 7 Phone Hubs offer easy access to the latest information and valuable a person and include content in Persons, Images, Games, Music & Video, Office and Market. Windows 7 Phone also integrates with many popular consumer services from Microsoft, as Xbox LIVE, Windows Live, Zune and Bing.

Portfolio Phone HTC Windows 7

HTC brought its innovative design and creativity to his new portfolio smartphone Windows 7 Phone, adopting different materials and unique elements of design, providing an interesting range of resources and technologies. With the new Hub HTC, HTC is offering a unique set of applications and utilities that includes a newapplication of time and actions and a new photo enhancer that allows the person to apply special effects before sharing pictures with friends.

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HTC 7 Surround

Whether for games, movies or music, the HTC 7 Surround is the most complete multimedia device. With a unique built-in speaker and a kickstand integrated with Dolby Mobile (TM) and SRS WOW HD (TM) integrated, HTC 7 Surround provides a high-fidelity audio and virtual surround sound that allow people to share their music and videos bookmarks with your friends in style. Are no longer required to wear headphones for a great surround sound experience, because the speaker makes the HTC 7 Surround natural and comfortable listening experience.

HTC 7 Mozart

Made from a single piece of anodized aluminum, the HTC 7 Mozart is well in hand and raises the unibody design aesthetic of HTC to a new level. The thin, solid and smart HTC 7 Mozart sounds as good as it looks and integrate Dolby Mobile (TM) and SRS WOW HD for a high-fidelity virtual surround sound. With the integration of Microsoft Zune, people can sync the HTC 7 Mozart with your PC, allowing them to take your library of music and video wherever they go.

HTC 7 Trophy

7 Trophy HTC leverages the power of Xbox LIVE. Players can enjoy the speed and responsiveness of fast action games with the support of the phone’s processor 1GHz Snapdragon high performance and controlled by the vivid 3.8-inch WVGA touchscreen. The virtual surround sound hi-fi – by SRS WOW HD (TM) – brings a rich audio experience, whether the user is playing, watching a video or listening to your favorite music.

HTC Pro 7

The development of the HTC Pro 7 was inspired by key users who wish to combine the ultimate in business efficiency with the ability to take full advantage of your leisure time. The stylish phone slides open and droop to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard for fast typing and comfortable, while the productivity features like the ability to sort, scan and manage Outlook email, open and edit documents more recent Office on the phone and keep track of your application markets with shares of HTC offer new ways to maximize the business day.


HTC HD7 owners can enjoy their favorite videos and movies in cinematic style, thanks to big-screen 4.3-inch high resolution, while its kickstand allows them to sit and enjoy hands-free. For those who refuse to compromise their mobile gaming experience, the HTC HD7 realize the power of Xbox LIVE, giving life to the game, taking the game console out of the house.


The five new HTC smartphones will be available through mobile operators and resellers in all major European markets, Asia-Pacific and North America from the end of October.