NEWS : Windows Mobile 5.0 Release for the 7×1 Series


Intermec has announced that the 7×1(741B and 751B) portfolio with Windows Mobile 5.0 has been released into production.

Windows 5.0 will offer customers several enhancements including softkeys for improved one-handed navigation and functionality and an expanded API Library, enabling software developers to create more feature-rich applications such as multimedia support, 3-D drawing and improved integration of camera and GPS.

Several conditions apply to the release and support of Windows 5.0:

  • Available on 741B and 751B models only
  • Supported on 128MB RAM configurations only
  • Supports EV10, EL10 and EA11 and NO Scanner configurations only
  • Offers support for worldwide English only
  • Once a device has been upgraded to WM 5.0, it cannot be re-flashed back to WM2003

Upgrade kits are also available for customers that purchased the 741B and 751B prior to the production release of the Windows Mobile 5.0 OS. Much like the WM5.0 offering on the CM3, WM5.0 for the 7×1 series is similar in terms of design and functionality, with a few notable exceptions:
Memory Allocation (offers a RAM based Object and Flash File Folder similar to WM2003)
Registry Restore (Registry is saved during suspend and warm boot to enable persistence; registry files are removed on a clean boot)

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