Datalogic Green Spot Technology

Datalogic Green Spot technology is a patented innovation for mobile computers available only from DatalogicToday’s mobile computers need to be rugged, full of technology, and easy to use in any environment. Users need to maximize their productivity and the accuracy of their work regardless of the environment. Green Spot technology is designed to do just that.

Mobile computers can work well in quiet environments like offices, but real world environments aren’t always so forgiving. Loading docks, manufacturing floors, outdoor areas, and crowded retail stores can make data collection a challenge. Audible tones can get lost or buried in these locations.

Often mobile computer users can have trouble focusing and listening for a tone with each scan. In some cases employees may be using other items such as a cell phone or mp3 player during their shift making listening difficult or impossible.

Green Spot technology increases data collection accuracy by providing a visual signal with each successful barcode read, in addition to the audible tone.

The Green Spot working principle is simple. A Datalogic mobile computer projects a laser onto a barcode image. When the barcode is detected, a secondary LED projects a Green Spot onto the barcode image.

The Green Spot is clearly seen on the bar by the user, even in bright sunlight, providing visual confirmation that the barcode was properly scanned.

The Datalogic Green Spot Datalogic’s exclusive solution that guarantees good read feedback every time.